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- Habitat & Golf can design and carry out the development of a compact golf course, a pitch-and-putt course, a 9-holes or 18-holes course or a resort gathering many courses... We can also suggest improvements on existing golf courses and work on extending a 9-holes course to a 18-holes one.

- Our aim: to be involved in the project as far upstream as possible. In the case of a golf course/real estate development program, to work alongside with the architect/urban planner so as to succeed in harmoniously integrating one project into the the other.

- Costs control: we offer the possibility of having the participation of the ”Consortium of specialists” formed by Habitat & Golf  which take care of all the steps of the realisation process of the golf course developments, down to the “delivery” of a ready-to-play course, with maintenance teams and equipment.

The Habitat & Golf “Consortium of specialists” concept will be detailed to you upon request.

Habitat & Golf has gathered a team of specialists with complementary skills and experience so as to offer a “global solution”:

- to real estate developers, developer contractors, investors, general contractors who have a golf building project with or without a real estate development program
- to golf course architects and/or to chartered architects

More than 130 years of cumulated experience at your disposal: services, innovation, quality, complementarity at the edge of today’s technology.

- in regard to the golf course design and general master planning, you choose your own architect (and we can counsel you if need be)
- André J. Rossi will define with your architect the general master planning of your project.
- for excavation, land shaping, drainage and irrigation works: Paul Geoffroy
- for the creation and maintenance of green areas, grasses and other graminae varieties: Yves Martinotti and his Team Green company
- for water engineering: Didier Comte, Imaginieur
- regarding synthetic grasses: Mike Van der Lee
- and as to geological/hydrological studies and geotechnical engineering: Bertrand Pilot, Geoconcept-Consultants

- Feasibility study, financial package elaboration for the golf program.

- Actual building of the golf course, with the architect of your choice if you express any preference.

- Arbitrage and expertise : legal expert in golf matters before the Courts.

- Consulting services in regard to club-house architecture matters and the management of the golf course.

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